What my clients say about me…

“Working with Lissa has been something of a revelation. Previously I used to struggle along attempting my own PR. Occasionally I employed an agency, but was invariably disappointed in the results as it was clear they didn’t share the same values as Heason Events. This is where Lissa scores heavily. She immerses herself entirely into each project in much the same way a method actor becomes his or her character. The results are clear to see: a 77% and a 44% increase in ticket sales for the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival in the two years she has worked on the project. My only concern with writing a testimonial is that if she gets other work she won’t be able to work with me!”  
Matt Heason, Heason Events

“Lissa is one of the hardest working, most naturally gifted PR professionals I have ever worked with. Her training as a journalist means she can sniff out a good story and turn it into a great one. Her instinctive ‘gut feel’ and enthusiasm for the task at hand, backed up by careful research and a consultative approach, transforms her from the run of the mill freelancer into a trusted and incredibly valuable resource able to help shape and defend a company’s reputation. She’s great fun to work with too, concerned not with power and position but with people and performance.” 
Neil Bent, Managing Director, Able Marketing Communications

“Lissa has been a valuable addition to our team at the Community Sports Trust. Over the past year, working 4 hours a week for us, Lissa has delivered excellent results. She has raised our profile, secured valuable media coverage and sought out new business opportunities through networking. In addition to this, Lissa has totally transformed our communications strategy and its implementation. Our website, use of social media, and approach to communications are 100 times better!”

“Lissa works flexibly to meet our needs, has established excellent relationships with our staff team, board and media partners, whilst working remotely. She is efficient, friendly, supportive and gets the most out of everyone. Lissa has boosted our confidence in the quality and demand for our product. She’s even converted our most sceptical staff to the benefits of social media for business. Our partners and customers look on in wonder, and promptly ask for her number!”
Hayley Lever, Chief Officer, Community Sports Trust & Project Manager, Derbyshire Village Games (now Chief Executive at Derbyshire Sport)

“Lissa has brought a wealth of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to the Podium team. She always prepares thoroughly, delivers to a very high standard and goes the extra mile to ensure that our clients get the most out of their training budgets.  In supporting the Community Sports Trust, Lissa has raised the profile of our work far beyond what we thought was possible and enabled us to create a recognisable brand in Village Games. She is extremely productive constantly creating leads, ideas and opportunities for us to further develop the company and projects we manage.”
Andrea Kemp, Director, Podium Training & board member of the Community Sports Trust

“We have worked with Lissa for a couple of years and she is a delight to work with. She totally gets what small businesses need and it’s refreshing, as a small online business when you don’t have a huge budget, to have the owner of a PR company work on your account instead of an Intern.  Once she was honest enough to say that she would only invoice me for a quarter of the monthly fee as she hadn’t been able to do much for me in that month.  I would thoroughly recommend Lissa, especially for her social media skills.”  
Toni Horton, Something Shop